New qualifications for John Cockerill STIN’s nuclear experts

14 December 2023
Réalisation de l'échangeur routier de Macaci à Abdijan (Côte d'Ivoire) par John Cockerill

John Cockerill teams in Côte d’Ivoire complete construction of the Macaci road interchange in Abidjan

7 December 2023
renovation bateau-porte port marseille

John Cockerill teams simultaneously renovate two 1,000-ton doorboats at Marseille’s Grand Port Maritime

24 November 2023
Visite d'industriels dunkerquois chez John Cockerill

Supporting Dunkirk’s major industrial players in their energy transition

13 November 2023
L'équipe de John Cockerill en Côte d'Ivoire lors de la pose de la première pierre du château d’eau de Djidji

Water infrastructure in Côte d’Ivoire: laying of the foundation stone for the Djidji water tower

16 October 2023
seven men posing in front of a table after the signature of a partnership in United Arab EMirates

Al Masaood Technical Services and John Cockerill Services forge comprehensive partnership to drive innovation in UAE’s nuclear industry

30 August 2023
plan incliné ronquières rupture cable porte écluse

John Cockerill takes part in a complex operation on the Ronquières inclined plane

20 July 2023

John Cockerill acquires STIN and strengthens its nuclear offering

26 May 2023
Press release

Talent Institute : John Cockerill is committed to the transmission of industrial know-how and the training of tomorrow’s technicians

7 September 2022

John Cockerill’s expertise to rebuild one of the greatest forges in France

12 January 2022

Santo Domingo Metro: maintenance operations for an ever more sustainable urban mobility

3 June 2021