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water treatment

John Cockerill Services offers a full range of treatment products and additives developed to protect and secure your systems against the risks of corrosion, scale, sludge or bacterial growth, such as legionella.

Soloxym, the green technology of the John Cockerill brand.

More than ever, John Cockerill wishes to offer its clients solutions and products that are always safer and ‘greener’. This is why we have developed Soloxym, an innovative technology which allows us to do away with chemical biocides. Based on the principle of electrolysis, our Soloxym technology requires only water, salt and electricity (no more bleach, bromine or any other organic products). This ensures a higher level of user safety (no more storage or handling of dangerous products), and also a biocidal effectiveness superior to other disinfectants, even with an alkaline pH! Our technology can be used on many applications: public swimming pools, drinking water, cooling towers, evaporative condensers…

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