Additive manufacturing of industrial equipment

Considered one of the fundamental elements of the industry of the future, additive manufacturing enables the production of technical and complex plastic parts that offer a high level of precision and quality.

In this context, John Cockerill Services offers its customers new industrial solutions to meet the needs of retrofitting or repairing equipment, as well as designing new systems.

Its experts, based in the South of France and in Luxembourg, carry out :

  • Studies, expert appraisals and audits,
  • Prototyping, pre-series and series production,
  • Modelling, 3D simulation and 3D model recovery
  • CAD
  • Redesign and optimisation
  • Maintenance

It operates in a wide range of sectors, including industry, steel, public procurement, the food industry, petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, the naval sector, aerospace and quarries.

To achieve this, John Cockerill Services has equipped itself with the latest generation of machines:

  • OMNI 3D 500 Lite (print volume 460x460x600)
  • FUSION 360
  • RAISE 3D Pro 3 (print volume 300x300x300)
Materials available Properties
PLA, PLA food contact, PLA Tough, fluores-cent, wood-filled, stone-filled Prototyping, low mechanical resistance, excellent appearance and finish (max. t° before deformation 60°C)
PET, PETG 32, PETG food contact, PETG-CF, PETG - HD Food compatibility, food processing, mechanical parts not subjected to temperature (max t° before deformation approx. 80 / 90°C)
TPU (flexible) hardness > 85 shore A, TPU MD FLEX (bio-compatible), TPC, TPU 4D (scented) Flexible operational parts, seals, plugs, protection, safety, housings, prostheses, guides, etc.
ABS, ABS ESD (non-conductive), ASA (UV resistant), ABS-CF, ABS FR (flame retardant) Functional parts as for plastic injection moulding, mechanical parts, casings, large thin-walled parts, fairings, protective casings, etc. (max. t° before deformation approx. 100 / 110°C)
Polyamides PA6, PA12, CFPA-12 (carbon filled), PA6 FR (flame retardant), PA6-FG (glass fibre filled), PA6 ESD Finished operational parts, abrasion resistant, high mechanical strength, temperature resistant (up to 180°C). Resistant to chemical attack (solvents, hydrocarbons).
PP (polypropylene) PP-CF (carbon filled), PP-FG (glass fibre filled) Material flexibility and memory effect, fatigue resistance, food and agri-food compatibility
Thermec Zed Resistant to high-temperature chemical attack.
INOX 316L (requires post-treatment) metallic, corrosion-resistant, food-grade, can be machined after printing
HIPS (breakable), soluble PVA (compatible with PLA, TPU, PETG), ODS 20 soluble (compatible with ABS, PA, PP)

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