Services to petrochemicals

Petrochemicals John Cockerill

For around fifteen years, John Cockerill Services has been providing piloting and execution services for major clients in petrochemicals, both in Europe and further afield internationally.

The John Cockerill Services teams offer an extensive range of services: detailed studies and expertise, maintenance and refrigeration, manufacture of oil platform structures, manufacture of pressurized equipment and apparatus, boiler repairs, manufacture and installation of new units etc. They participate in large international projects such as the transformation, for example, of a refinery into a bio-refinery through supplying and replacing the pipework and metallic structures.

John Cockerill Services is adding to and diversifying its portfolio of services with others such as the construction and mounting of offshore structures and pipelines, the manufacture and repair of equipment, boiler repairs with specialized welding, onshore and offshore maintenance, the thermal treatment of parts and unit cooling. A ‘Research & Development’ team has also been established in the domain of the welding of anti-corrosion coatings.

As a complement to its maintenance operations, on site machining brings real added value to the overall offering of John Cockerill Services, because it facilitates the execution of numerous maintenance operations on hydrocarbon treatment units and provides technical solutions in very short timescales.