Simulator solutions

railway simulator

The strength of Transurb simulators unquestionably lies in the visionary and innovative character of their 3D imagery. The result of over ten years of work, the 3D driver used by Transurb is the most used version in the world of video games. Determined to reproduce real conditions as faithfully as possible within its simulators, Transurb has a catalogue of incredibly realistic meteorological conditions, before speaking of the faithful reproduction of the rolling stock of its clients, from the mechanical side to the pneumatic side.

Transurb has a wide range of simulators to respond to the different needs of its clients:

Nano Simulator

The Nano Simulator is a computer-based solution which can be installed on any computer. Autonomous and accessible, this solution represents the ideal means of learning theory or specific topics, or again to become familiar with signaling and tracks.

Compact simulator

The Compact Simulator offers a high level of immersion, while optimizing the space allocated to simulators in the apprentice center. Adaptable, the Compact simulator also makes it possible to simulate several examples of rolling stock thanks to interchangeable desks. An intermediate solution which perfectly combines portability and immersion.

Full-Cab Simulator

Because it reproduces the whole of the driving cab of a locomotive, the Full Cab Simulator provides the most intense and the most precise experience to apprentice drivers.

A complete and top of the range solution enabling drivers to be initiated into new types of rolling stock, and also to modifications or improvements to existing equipment.