Services to wind energy

Wind energy

With the benefit of substantial experience in operation and maintenance of wind farms since 2008, with its muti-brands and technologies – onshore and offshore- specialists, John Cockerill Services provides a wide range of services to its customers:

  • Commissioning ;
  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance ;
  • Fault finding and component replacement ;
  • Major Component Replacement ;
  • Components repair ;
  • Supply of spare parts ;
  • Blade inspection and repair ;
  • Vibration analysis management ;
  • Oil analysis ;
  • Endoscopies ;
  • End of contract/guarantee audits.

John Cockerill Services has selected and trained its own teams and possesses a wide range of technical skills and expertise. Electro-mechanical technicians, project managers, on site supervisors, planners, QHSE managers mechanics experts, welders… Together, they provide flexibility and polyvalence to rapidly respond to the needs of each of their customers, from testing up to putting back into operation the wind turbine.

Our technicians have all the qualifications required to work on onshore and offshore (GWO, helicopter escape (HUET), etc).

John Cockerill Services also provides high quality blades maintenance and repair services for keeping your blades in optimum condition during the whole life cycle. Our team has an optical equipment to perform HD blade inspection. Blades repairs, on epoxy or polyester, are executed on a cable-mounted platform (France/Europe), or by rope access (Brazil). Our specialists are autonomous, qualified and trained personnel for repair interventions in total safety.

From parts repair to total revision and maintenance, through specific studies and expertise, our teams particularly excel in scheduled interventions during which they carry out the total management of a project, from preliminary studies to implementation by specialized personnel.

John Cockerill Services is able to call on a network of intervention units, of workshops and of technology centers located in Europe and Brazil.


Thanks to its partner G2Wind, John Cockerill Services is able to provide spare parts & consumables required to perform wind turbines maintenance. G2Wind works with OEM brands as well as Tier1 or alternative suppliers, and provides technical support to its customers for their spare parts procurement.

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