Lifting John Cockerill

In New Caledonia, John Cockerill Services provides lifting services on mining and industrial sites, within the framework of factory maintenance and upgrading, and for the maintenance of mining machinery.

Each operation is carried out according to a lifting plan which responds to the need for permanent safety on sites classified as SEVESO 2. The whole of the John Cockerill Services team has received all of the necessary training and possesses the accreditations indispensible for the work to be carried out in total safety.

In New Caledonia, John Cockerill Services has three road-going cranes (100, 150 and 160 tonnes) and an auxiliary truck-mounted crane of 80 tonnes. The top level maintenance of these machines is carried out by a John Cockerill Services technician in a workshop calling on the services of Australian manufacturers for the most advanced repairs and maintenance, in order to provide our clients with availability and performance in terms of lifting machinery.

Lifting operations and associated services are undertaken by John Cockerill Services teams 7 days a week, during the day and the night.

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