On-site machining


Over recent years, John Cockerill Services has developed recognized expertise in on-site machining whether mechanical parts or assemblies, new or for repair. Thanks to our wide range, we respond to all demands of our clients for all types of machining, with the possibility of carrying out on site, 99% of machining operations habitually undertaken in the workshop.

Whether in our own infrastructures or those of our clients, the John Cockerill Services formula offers numerous advantages:

  • restricted dismantling of installations
  • shortened timescales
  • substantial cost reduction
  • decrease in production line down-time
  • reduction of risks allied to transport and handling

Our John Cockerill Services teams always work in 100% autonomous mode, from dismantling to reassembly, not forgetting drawing up the final work report.

And on top of all this, for parts which are difficult to transport, the mobile John Cockerill Services machining unit (on site machining is by its very nature ‘mobile’) which we have designed, enables us to intervene rapidly and autonomously, independently of the on-site infrastructures in particular.

John Cockerill Services also makes all of its capacities of innovation available to its clients and designs machines specially conceived for their specific on-site needs.