Technical training

Technical training courses are designed to enable learners to acquire or update their basic technical knowledge in an industrial environment. Indeed, they cover subjects as varied as: reading drawings, metrology or traditional and laser lining and are open to anyone regardless of their profile or experience. Easily adaptable, they can be personalised and/or individualised. This basic training will be given before all the specific training courses given by the Institut des Talents.


The objectives of the training are to understand and identify the elements requiring dimensional and geometric metrological measurement (reading of drawings), to learn to select and use the various measuring devices, to understand the need for calibration and/or control before measurement and to know how to interpret dimensional and geometric tolerances.

Conventional and laser alignment

The objectives of the training are to know how to carry out shaft and rotating machine alignments within the tolerances required by the manufacturers.

Reading plans

The objectives of the training are to acquire the basic skills of reading plans in order to read and understand an industrial scheme.

The programme