Curative and preventive services

maintenance of installations on oil platforms

Our team of John Cockerill Services experts will helps and advises its clients on maintaining their industrial and commercial water installations. From auditing (diagnosis of corrosion, sanitary systems, hydraulics –Methodical analysis of the risks of proliferation and dispersion of legionella, (AMR) via on-site interventions, without forgetting laboratory analyses, John Cockerill always offers you the best solution in terms of preventive and/or curative actions as well as their full implementation on site!

  • Chemical de-scaling (by circulation, bubbling, soaking or applying a spray/foam/jelly): study and full implementation on site
  • Deoxidization of domestic hot water systems
  • Physicochemical sludge removal: ESTAC or GEDIX 2 methods
  • Two complementary methods for eradicating your facilities’ sludge problems
  • Disinfecting, cleaning and descaling

With a presence in France, our technicians and engineers monitor your installations and ensure the effectiveness of the treatments in place.

Curative intervention remains a burden, so our teams always propose preventive monitoring to our clients with the installation of specific hardware and equipment.

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